Magpie, Magpie Comic
16 USD

From graphic artist Matt Huynh comes an Australian Gothic haunted house story of abandoned lovers in a deserted land. Morgan, with little left to lose, kidnaps his own daughter and flees town with his mistress. When they are separated in a storm, he's forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel where he is greeted by the suspicious generosity of a lovelorn stranger trapped in a purgatory of re-lived gestures and memories of a long departed lover.



Matt's latest work is an interesting, soulful exploration of expressive mark-making using bamboo and sumi. His comics are intimate and quiet, marked with moments of explosion. The last half of the book--a wild series of Muybridge-style gestures of magpies in flight-- is worth admission alone.
- Paul Pope, Battling Boy, Batman Year 100

"Moody, evocative and powerfully drawn  - another universe of ink"
- Molly Crabapple, VICE, Week in Hell, Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School

This eerie and desperate ghost story drips, spurts and dances from Matt Huynh’s brush. Powerful storytelling in brilliant black and white.
- James Victore , Victore, or Who Died and Made You Boss?

I am typically more of a fan of print than webcomics but I have never seen anything in this format before and was captivated through the entire reading experience. The expressive and haunting illustrations reminded me in the best way of Emily Carroll's work. Magpie, Magpie is such a disturbingly beautiful piece of work. I loved it. I am gonna read it again right now.
- Farel Dalrymple, The Wrenchies, Pop Gun War